Workaway Profile

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Name:                  Tony Flynn
Gender:                Male
Age:                   38
Country of Origin:     Ireland
Country of Residence:  Canada
Current Location:      Columbia
Languages:             English [C2], Spanish [B1]

Greetings visitor and welcome to my ‘workaway’ profile page.  I present myself here to try and find food and accommodation in exchange for my skills as I ride my motorcycle through North, Central & South America beginning in Vancouver Canada and ending in Ushuaia Argentina.

My Story…

I left Vancouver on the 24th of September 2019 with my motorcycle riding south with the goal of making it to Ushuaia, Argentina over the course of approximately 10 months.

Along the way I want to improve my Spanish speaking skills so I would like to stop a few months to help out in a mainly Spanish speaking work exchange situation.

About Me…

I’m originally from Dublin, Ireland but I have been living in Vancouver Canada for the last 5 years. I love running hiking, cycling, motorcycle camping and being in nature, especially the forest.

Apart from these activities I like to make & do stuff like cooking, beer & wine making, whiskey distillation, soap and candle making, indoor mushroom cultivation, antique radio restoration, motorcycle maintenance and day dreaming about my next adventure, to name a few.

What I can do for you…

Below are some of my skills that you might find useful in your situation.

Blog & Social Media Content - Marketing

I keep a travel blog of my adventures, if you’re reading this then you’re looking at it 😉  I have with me my Macbook Pro, Final Cut Pro video editing software, Photoshop, DJI Mavic Air Drone, 2 Go Pros, DJI Camera Gimbal & Samsung Galaxy for generating photos & video content.


Repair Broken Electrical Goods

I’m pretty good at fixing electrical products, being trained as an electronic engineer I can fix most broken electrical household goods.  I can also help with implementing electrical wiring for new buildings.

Motorcycle Maintenance

I can take my motorcycle apart and put it back together again, this learning has came out of necessity and not from any formal training.

These are some of my photos…

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Soap & Candle Making

How about some fun workshops for your guests?  Making soap is pretty easy and they’ll love it.

These are some of my photos…

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Gardening & Mushroom Cultivation

Cultivating fungus is as fun as it is interesting, I have no idea how to do it on a commercial scale but have the basics to know how to do it at home.  If you grow mushrooms I wanna help out and learn more.  I’m also happy to help out with all kinds of gardening and grounds keeping activities.

These are some of my photos…


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Carpentry, Furniture Making & Repair

I’m also trained as a Furniture Designer & Cabinet Maker so I’m pretty good at making all kinds of wood products from furniture to basic building construction.

These are some of my photos…


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If you have a room full of broken furniture then I have all the time in the world to fix it.

Food Preparation & Other Kitchen Work

I’ve worked in a hotel kitchen as a kitchen porter for 5 years and apart from learning how to avoid flying pots & pans, angry chefs and being yelled at I learned how to prepare all kinds of food.

Animal Care & Husbandry

I like animals and in the past I’ve successfully bred rabbits, birds and reptiles.  At one time I had so many baby Chameleons [80] that I had to figure out how to breed crickets and locusts just to keep them fed.  It was worthwhile though because I quit my call centre job for my last year in college and made just as much money from selling Chameleons.

These are some of my photos…


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Beer Making and Whiskey Distillation

I’ve made lots of beer in the past from malted barley, steeping and mashing, fermenting then bottling or continuing on to distil the fermented beer to make whiskey.  Once aged for 2 years it tastes pretty good!


General Maintenance/Handyman

Give me a list of tasks and some tools and I’ll get the job done 🙂


I am a native English speaker and currently have Lower Intermediate [B1] Spanish.  I’ve made it my mission as part of this trip extension to become somewhat fluent in Spanish so I am quite keen to find a work exchange opportunity that will help with my verbal Spanish progression.I use my motorcycle riding time to immerse myself in Spanish speaking podcasts and I’m taking intensive Spanish classes @ lake Atitlan in Guatemala to try and inflate the Spanish side of my brain.


Looking for

Food and accommodation in exchange for work.  The terms are negotiable so long as both of us are happy…