Day Forty-Three – Malibu to Los Angeles

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Cycling, Travel
Click map for interactive view

Click map for interactive view

Day 43 Date 20th June 2015
Total Distance 
Weather Sunny
Rolling Time Total Rolling  04:59:09
Terrain Flat
Climbing Total Climbing  429m
Spend Coffee $3.50
Pizza $28.00
Average Speed 19.5km/h Sleeping Warm Showers
Max Speed 52.6km/h Difficulty Easy


I only took one photo today over the 100km from Malibu to LA, pretty much sums up what I think about about the place!

Tonight I stayed at Ken & Kenny’s house slightly north of Long Beach that I found through warmshowers which is very like couchsurfing but it’s aimed at cycle tourists.  The hosts are generally into cycling and its free to stay for a night or two.  Ken and his friend Leanna prepared dinner and after we watched Man Of Steel.  They have a dog called Alvin, I think he’s a pitbull, anyway the dog comes over and starts enthusiastically licking my legs and feet and won’t stop, this is his thing, it was totally disgusting, I’m on the edge when it comes to liking dogs or not, but Alvin has pushed me over to the hate side. Damn dogs!

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  1. mary fitzgerald says:

    tony i hope you dont have to send xmas cards to all those people youv met on your travels! its going to cost you some money! enjoying looking up your travels, take care.


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