Day Forty-One – El Capitan State Beach to Santa Barbara

Posted: June 21, 2015 in Cycling, Travel
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Click map for interactive view

Click map for interactive view

Day 41 Date 18th June 2015
Total Distance 
Weather Sunny
Rolling Time Total Rolling  02:02:43
Terrain Hilly
Climbing Total Climbing  254m
Coffee& Muffin $6.10
Dominos Pizza $10.50
Hostel $45
Drinks $50
Average Speed 18.4km/h Sleeping Hostel
Max Speed 49km/h Difficulty Easy

I rolled out of El Capitan State Beach this morning at 10:30am with the intention of riding as far as Malibu, a good 100km away.  A train went by earlier, over my head, it must have been 2 miles long as it kept going for a few minutes at least, the bridge was shaking as it passed over.

I stopped off in Goleta for coffee sitting outside at patio tables where there was a guy playing jazz the whole time with lots of planes passing by landing at the local airport close by.  Next stop was Santa Barbara, an very affluent city with wide palm lined streets, I didn’t plan on stopping off here but happened to pass by an Irish bar, and cycled another block before deciding fuck it, I’m going to stop for a pint, the weather was super hot and the pint option was too tempting so I about turned, locked up the bike outside the bar and sat there for a while, worked my way through two pints and by that stage I was out with the phone on looking for a bed to stay at for the night.  I called a couple of places and found a hostel bed around the corner for the night, accommodation booked I stayed for one more pint before making my way onto the hostel to ditch the bike and grab a shower.

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At the hostel I met three Irish girls from Cork, one Aussie guy and four English blokes all passing through Santa Barbara and all up for a few beers so we drank at the hostel patio until ten-ish before heading on to a bar together for the rest of the night, most of us didn’t have our passports with us so we had to get a taxi back to the hostel and return to the pub/club with passports to get in.


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