Day Thirty-Six – Big Sur to San Simeon Park

Posted: June 16, 2015 in Cycling, Travel
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Click map for interactive view

Click map for interactive view

Day 36 Date 13th June 2015
Total Distance 
Weather Sunny
Rolling Time Total Rolling  07:58:47
Terrain Hilly
Climbing Total Climbing  1,808m
Coffee & Muffin $3.80
Food & Coffee $23.00
3 x Bananas $1.50
Camping $5.00
Average Speed 14.4km/h Sleeping Free Camping
Max Speed 50.0km/h Difficulty Tough


Today I think I hit the wall, I was just not in the humour to cycle and knowing before I set off that I had a long hilly day, the wall was that bit harder.  I grunted, spat, bribed and cursed my way through every inch of it, finally getting to the top of the last peak, the moment I had wanted to reach all day.  Along this stretch the roads don’t have much shoulder and the cars drive really fast, there all expensive cars, the rich kids leave the city for the weekend to explore, the few stops for food along the way are completely overpriced catering to the silicon valley crowd, I paid 20 bucks for a sandwich, okay it was a damn good sandwich but there was no diamonds, not even a peppering of sand to fool me!  I did however return to a random lizard watch guard over my bicycle when I got back.

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I was on the bike most of the day to get to San Simeon State Park, I wanted to camp somewhere before it but there was no suitable cover for miles as it was all coastline, the few places I would have camped had no camping signs with $200 fines appended to them, I considered stopping anyway but figured I could make the official campsite by 8pm so kept going, the route was flat by the end of the day so it wasn’t as bad.  I have a hostel booked in Cambria for tomorrow night, the place advised by Richard form the cycling group I met before, Cambria is just 5km from the state park tonight so I have a much wanted free day tomorrow.

Before the state park I passed a beach that was full with Elephant Seals, there were hundreds of them all lying on the beach, I should have been more enthused with the sight of all these seals within touching distance but it was the end of a long day so I gave them a brief nod and continued onwards!

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