Day Thirty-Seven/Thirty-Eight – Cambria

Posted: June 16, 2015 in Cycling, Travel
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Me Homies

Day 37/38 Date 14/15th June 2015
Total Distance 
Weather Sunny
Rolling Time Total Rolling  00:30:28
Terrain Flat
Climbing Total Climbing  32m
Hostel $40.00,Coffee $5.50
Drink $6.00,Smokes $6.50
Brekky $13.00,Dinner $20.00
Drink $5.00,Hostel $40.00
Coffee $13.00, Dinner $23.00
Booze $12.00, Groceries $60.00
Average Speed 11.6km/h Sleeping Hostel
Max Speed 33.8km/h Difficulty Easy

This morning was a short ride from San Simeon State Park into Cambria where I have The Bridge Inn hostel booked for tonight, I landed at the hostel door at 12pm but couldn’t check in until 5pm, I met the owners, got the wifi password and sat outside for two hours talking on my phone in the sun.  I explored Cambria, a pretty little touristy town with good food, cafes and a small brewery in the middle of the town which would be rude not to sit in and sample the local produce.

Day 37

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I met Brandan behind the bar in the micro brewery who also works in The Bridge Inn where I stay tonight so I chatted with him for a while, he is also into travelling and bicycle touring, I ordered and sank an IPA that they make and while at the bar talking with him one of his customers comes to the bar and buys a drink for herself and a pale ale for me, it’s her favourite and she wanted me to try it, no arguing here and I casually snaked away, free beer in hand and sat at a window table for a while people watching and laptopping.  After an hour three ladies from the Bay Area rock in like a bunch of cackling hens wanting to watch the basketball game that was on TV, before long I was out smoking with one of them, then I joined their table to help them sample their beer tray!  They were a really nice bunch to hang out with for an hour.

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I checked into the hostel and liked the feel of the place so extended for another night, I spent the two days exploring Cambria, stuffing my face at Mexican restaurants, having random beers, and organising groceries and the like for the next few days of my bicycle trip.  The weather here for 2 days was super sunny, I’ve finally made it to the real California!

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