Day Twenty-Six – Leggett to Mendocino

Posted: June 4, 2015 in Cycling, Travel
Day 26

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Day 26 Date 3rd June 2015
Total Distance 
Weather Sunny , Warm
Rolling Time
Total Rolling 
Terrain Hilly
Total Climbing 
Bagel, Pizza Slice, Coke $6.25
Denneys Food $22.50
Coffee $3.00
Camping $5.00
Average Speed 17.4k/h Sleeping Camping
Max Speed 54.4k/h Difficulty Moderate

Packed up camp this morning between 9am and 11am with Sasha after having breakfast, it was a super morning with the sun trying to beat down on us through the trees.  Once done we climbed back out through the gates with their no trespassing signs and back onto the freeway where we pretty much went our own way after…well the same way just at differing speeds!  I soon realised that there was nothing along the route today until a place called Fort Bragg forty odd miles away so I filled up my water bottles at a gas station before Leggett, I have 2 x 2 litre bottles and one half litre bottle, this does me 24 hours for cooking and drinking.  All I could do today was cycle so I decided to get the head down and cycle trying to hit the 100km today, it was pretty  hilly along the way but the wind was at my back which helped a lot.  There were these solar rings like rainbows today in the sky that I’ve not noticed before, they make a perfect circle around the sun, there were two, one inner circle and one outer circle which looked pretty cool.

I stopped off at a little deli store in Westport to get food for about 15 minutes then continued onto Fort Bragg where I decided to try out Denny’s, a food outlet over here, locking my bike outside I realised I lost my cable lock somewhere along the way…oh well!  I thought Denny’s were like McDonalds but they’re a bit better then that, more like slap-up barfood carvery type food.  The food is pretty cheap and I ordered 22 dollars worth so I was stuffed by the end, even cycling was a struggle after.  Leaving Fort Bragg my campsite was only 10km down the road, I was getting to the end of town when I saw this woman run across the wide four lane street to my side shouting “Tony, Tony”, I was trying to make out who she was until I realised she was part of the big cycling group I keep bumping into, in her hand she had my cable lock, it fell off my bike when I parked it up with them the day before and they found it.  I’m not sure if they were there sitting in their van waiting on me to pass so they could give me the lock or not but it was pretty funny!  I apologised for not making it to camp with them the night before but gave them the story of what had happened and how I got sidetracked a few miles from their campsite!

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I got to the campsite near sunset and was pretty happy about not having to cook any food when I got setup, I was still stretching at the seams so I just made a tea, organised the last few days photos and videos, some blog typey typey and then bed and 11:45pm.  Even though today was the hilliest yet, nearly 2km I cycled up into the sky my legs hauling one tenth of a tonne upwards over the course of the day, it really didn’t feel like a struggle though, the little hill at 40km did almost break me though but I’m over it now!

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