Day Sixteen – Tillamook to Newport Bay

Posted: May 29, 2015 in Cycling, Travel
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Day 16

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Day 16 Date 24th May 2015
Total Distance 
Weather Warm & Sunny
Rolling Time
Total Rolling 
Terrain 1 long arduous climb
Total Climbing 
Breakfast $13
2 x beers & Chips $17
Campsite $6
Average Speed 17.4k/h Sleeping Hiker Biker Campsite
Max Speed 54.7k/h Difficulty Moderate, 1 long climb


Back on the road again this morning at 9am for another long days cycling, it’s still taking me the guts of 2 hours to make food and pack up in the mornings, I wake at 6:30am then by 7am I’m sitting up looking around at the mess wondering where to start on it, it’s like packing to go on holidays every morning as I rip my bags apart the night before to get out all that I need then leave the mess waiting for the morning as I’m too tired to organise it after I’m done eating.  I’m always relieved as soon as I get on the saddle and start rolling again to get the day off to a start, especially when the weather is as nice as it was today!

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At some point along the route I came by these wind ornaments, there was loads of them all in a grassy patch at the roadside and they were all slowly moving like windmills in the slight breeze, they looked kinda weird so I took a small movie of em!

I stopped off for breakfast in a restaurant at some point along the way where I had something that almost resembled an Irish breakfast and it was bloody tasty…..bacon, eggs, potatoes, toast and coffee!  I also stopped later on to get out of the sunshine in McMenimans bar and had two IPA’s and a plate of chips while people watching for an hour before riding out the rest of the day to my destination, I took various video clips along the way that I have compiled into one corny movie clip below!

I passed through Newport and at the far end crossed over the Yaquina Bridge which was cool, its got a climb up to its hump then you ride down the other side and it sort of feels like you’re coming over the top of a rollercoaster with nice views once you get over the hump.  Once passed Newport I was on the look out for South Beach State Park where I planned to camp for the night.  I arrived just before sunset and registered at the booth with a park official, they charge $6 for people who arrive under their own steam to put up a tent for the night and avail of their washroom and shower facilities, they call them hiker biker sites and they’re dotted all over the Pacific Coast, this is the first one I have used so far.

There was a couple of other tents in the hiker biker section but I made no effort to talk to anyone as I was wrecked and just wanted to hide out in my tent once I got it up, there were shitbag mosquitos all over the place, the most annoying noise in the world is when you gear them buzzing beside your ear, I finger thumped many of them as they fed off me and I found it quite satisfying but really they were like zombies, the more of them I killed the more of them there seemed to be!

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