Day Seventeen – Newport to Reedsport

Posted: May 29, 2015 in Cycling, Travel
Click map for interactive view

Click map for interactive view

Day 17 Date 25th May 2015
Total Distance 
Weather Sunny
Rolling Time
Total Rolling 
Terrain 1 long arduous climb
Total Climbing 
Coffee & Pastry $6.00
Mc Donald’s $7.69
Average Speed 17.9k/h Sleeping Camping
Max Speed 50.4k/h Difficulty Moderate


The state park that I camped at last night is right beside the beach so when I got up this morning I took a walk to the sea through sand dunes, the weather at this point was shaping up to be a nice day.  I availed of the hot showers in the campsite after that which was a bit of a novelty!  I think I might need to be hosed down and deloused after this trip before I’m accepted back into civilised society 😛  I was back on the bike again at 9:30am to attempt another 100km, I’m trying to break the back of this ride over the past few days to be sure I can make Mexico in comfort and have a relatively comfortable second half of my trip where I can afford to take many rest days….rest days are where the fun is at!

The ride today was pretty scenic, some of the views were awesome with a lot of up and down climbing along the coast, this ride today was closest to the ring of kerry I’ve been so far.  I stopped off at one point and walked down to the ocean where there were seals, starfish and all sorts of other krusty crustaceans.  I took a video of these blobby things that liked to eat muscles, they might be Sea Urchins but I’m not sure, they remind of Venus Fly Traps the way they close around their food.  All the coastal stretches around the Pacific Coast that I have seen are riddled with logs from the prevalent logging industry over here, I’m not sure if they somehow fall in or the sea erodes land with trees on it but there everywhere, you could keep the beach lit forever with the amount of firewood lying around.

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I stopped at one point for a while to take a time lapse of the ocean, it was so windy where I stopped that the phone was jumping all over the place while I was capturing it.  The software I use to process the video after does a great job at removing the jumpyness caused by the wind.

Later I stopped at another coastal point to cook up a storm at a scenic viewpoint with a park bench, I stuffed my face while looking at the ocean, there was nobody else around but me and the roar of the ocean. There was also another tunnel through a mountain that I had to navigate along the route, I think it’s the last one in the state of Oregon


For camping I found a nice little track just off the main road at the 100km ride mark that I decided to pull into and set up for the night.  I’m pretty stiff and sore at this stage so lying down was a real treat!

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