Day Fourteen – Astoria

Posted: May 29, 2015 in Cycling, Travel
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Fort George Brewery


Day 14 Date 22th May 2015
Total Distance 
Weather Sunny
Rolling Time
Total Rolling 
Terrain NA
Climbing Total Climmbing  0m
Hostel $35.00
Bakery $8.75
Groceries $16.80
Beer $29
Average Speed 0.0k/h Sleeping Hotel/Hostel
Max Speed 0.0k/h Difficulty  NA

Waking up this morning at 7am I was planning to leave Astoria, thinking about getting up and packing my stuff, I stewed there for a while before pulling out my laptop, opening up and checking if there was any room in the hostel for one more night….excellent, there was one bed available in my room so I booked it for another night, I did it online as there was nobody in reception until 8am!  Such a nice feeling paying your way out of getting up and packing your stuff away to cycle another 100km for the day, a steal at 35 bucks I say!  There was a mild feeling of guilt about lack of progression south but it faded away pretty quickly when I considered checking out the local breweries later.

I spent most of the day updating my “online diary” as I’m way behind, I didn’t realise it would be so hard to stay on top of, this task was undertaken in the bakery ajoining Fort George Brewery, I think there the same business but they do decent coffee and lots of fresh home baked breads and cakes.  I whiled a way a few hours here  before heading off exploring the town and stopping off to buy more groceries to cook back in the hostel kitchen, then it was time for some BEERS, yay!

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First beer stop was the tap room of Fort George Brewery where I tried 3 of their home grown, they sure went down well, I got chatting with one of the guys working there and he recommended I check out the Albatross bar not so far away for a beer after.  The Albatross is open until 2am where most of the other places shut about 12am even on weekends.  I headed over to the Albatross for 2 more and chatted with some people there, it seems most people I chat to in Astoria are not from here, they blew in from surrounding towns and states but stay because they like the place.  One of the American girls I got chatting with asked me how the same sex referendum was doing back home, I was surprised that she knew anything about it but it was cool that she did!

I left the bar about 1ish and headed back to the hostel to sleep it off, I wasn’t so lucky to have the room to myself again tonight, instead it was full, 3 others and me, one snorer, there is always one snorer!

  1. Niki says:

    Damn those snorers!


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