Day Twelve – Washington to Oregon

Posted: May 23, 2015 in Cycling, Running
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Day 12

Day 12 Date 20th May 2015
Total Distance 
Weather Misty
Rolling Time
Total Rolling 
Terrain Flat
Total Climbing
Motel $75
Pizza $18
Average Speed 15.2k/h Sleeping Motel
Max Speed 48.2k/h Difficulty  Easy but tough!

This morning got off to a misty start, I was on the road for 8:30am hoping to get out another 100km to make up for the slow progress over the last week, three km into the ride I spy a spare bunny cord on the hard shoulder that some other passer by had lost along the way.  I had 4 but threw 2 away as the end hooks pulled off so I wanted another.  I picked it up and slung it over my handle bar before continuing onwards.  A wee while later I copped it starting to slip off the handle bars towards the front wheel so I hit the front break to slow down incase it got caught up in the wheel, a mess I didn’t want to deal with but I got dealt a better mess for pulling the front break too hard in the misty wet conditions.

Megler Bridge

Megler Bridge


My front wheel slipped as I pulled the breaks and as soon as it did that it went sideways from under me, I didn’t even have a second to correct the fall and get out of it, nope, it was gone and there was no stopping it until friction, body parts, bike bits and road surface all had their go at slowing us down.  I think I was doing about 40km/h at the time so stopping took a while, I finally came to a halt in a grassy verge at the side of the road off the hard shoulder and lay there for 5 minutes quite confused at what the hell had just happened.  I hit my head off the road and scraped all my left side leg, arm, waist and hand.  All my pointy edges the road tried to erode away, now I know that having no helmet was a mistake and I did buy one for the trip but mistakenly left it behind in the hostel in Victoria and only realised at the ferry terminal when some passer buy asked me if I had one.  I decided to continue on without one, I mean, I was hardly going to fall off my bike, thats just silly talk!

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The 5 minutes of confusion faded into the background of the pain I felt from my cuts and scrapes, my hand was numb, my head was throbbing and all of my left side was searing with pain, I sat up and remained there for another hour wondering what the hell I was going to do and trying to come up with a plan, really I just wanted a passer by to stop and make it all better but that didn’t happen.  I checked my phone maps and saw that the town of Astoria was 15km away so I finally hauled my ass out of the ditch got on my bike and slowly made my way over the Megler Bridge into Astoria, first stop, The Lamplighter Motel as you enter the town.  I paid for one night and if the cost was one million dollars I would still have slid my card through the machine with a smile.

I didn’t leave the motel for the day, I lay on the bed, watched TV, had my most painful shower ever and ordered take out pizza from a local pizza joint I found online.  What a shithole of a day!  Todays lesson kids is always wear your helmet on the road.

Bring on tomorrow!




  1. tonyfelloni says:

    This happened 1 week ago now and all is good… black eye is nearly gone and all 🙂


  2. gr33n3r2 says:

    Sweet jaysus Tony, no helmet? Don’t try to be like the cool kids!

    All ok now? You should be wearing leathers going that speed!


  3. dflynn1024 says:

    Ouch!! Looks nasty. You shouldn’t use your face as a brake ; ). Glad your on the mend! You were going at a fair speed with load for that to happen!


  4. clare dolan says:

    ohhhh that does look painfull …. but how is the bike ??????
    will it make the rest of the trip ( that is after you heal of course )


    • tonyfelloni says:

      The bike is good, the gear levers on both sides are a little ground down but its making all the right noises as I go so fingers crossed, actually the bike hasn’t cost me a minute so far, apart from one puncture I have done nothing with it 🙂


  5. Kathy Kitchen says:

    Oh my gosh, Tony, that looked like it was painful! Glad it wasn’t any worse than that! On a positive note, you are making great progress! Keep on keeping on! I have started gathering some supplies for soap making….and talked with Devon about making it there. She was totally on board, but she has a lot on the go with her own hobbies…lol! Take care, get a helmet and some protective gear! From one biker to another…. 🙂 Cheers, Kathy


    • tonyfelloni says:

      Hey Kathy, I’m good, have a new shiny helmet an all to protect the egg from now on. I am delighted you guys have decided to start making soap, that’s cool, let me know how it goes! Yeah the progress is good now so I can afford to relax a little over the second half which I’m really looking forward to!


  6. Shay Mag says:

    Good God Tony, glad ur ok, u were lucky n unlucky! At least u survived it, amazing experience, lifes lessons keep coming, believe me I’ve had a few classics myself. Secure everything down bigtime, no short cuts. This was the 1st time I read ur progress, it hit the news headlines in work, almost made it onto the sprint 😊 oh yeah, as if u care, those WiFi boards arrived. Anyway, far I say, b safe and enjoy a new perspective on life, Shay


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