Day Nine – Olympia

Posted: May 23, 2015 in Cycling, Travel
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Day 9 Date 17th May 2015
Total Distance 
Weather Overcast to Sunny
Rolling Time
Total Rolling 
Terrain N/A
Total Climbed
2 TB HDD – $110
Fishing Stuff – $90
Soft Drinks – $6
Average Speed 00.0k/h Sleeping JP + Colleen’s Comfy Spare Double Bed!
Max Speed 00.0k/h Difficulty  N/A

Another free day with my cousin and his wife.  I was up at about 10:30, had brekky followed by a FaceTime call with my parents, then we headed off to do some shopping.  I’m struggling to find space for all the data I’m generating with my phone and Gopro  in terms of video and photos.  The Gopro just chews threw data.  One of my 128gb drives is already full and my laptop is only 256gb so I wanted to buy a bigger HDD and leave the ones I have behind with my cuz for safe keeping.  We went to Best Buy where JP and I tried to navigate the store without having to shoot the shit with their know it all tech guys, we did pretty well and I managed to pick up a 2TB slim HDD for $110, this should be more than enough for what I need.

I took some photos of Colleens work around the house, she’s a talented artist/sculpturer mainly fashioning works of art out of wood and wire, check out her own page crcoteystudios, they’re pretty cool and I love the Woodpecker!

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After that we went to Cabelas, this is a redneck store where you can buy anything hunting or camping related, the store is huge and it was a real struggle to navigate it without filling a trolly full of crap.  We went in to pick up some fishing tackle and I wanted to get a small fishing rod that I could strap on to my bike for the odd days fishing along the way.  We found a neat telescopic rod that packed up real small but was fairly tough at the same time, I also picked up some other bait and odds and ends before heading for the till to buy $90 bucks worth of stuff, if I don’t get to using it for fishing I can probably use it to beat the Mexicans when I get that far south should they prove to be as wild as the numerous warnings suggest!  Shopping done we headed home to fill a chiller box with cold beers and we hopped on the boat getting out on the lake for some chill out fishing time.  The lake was calm, the weather was beautiful, the beers were sweet and the company most enjoyable, so far it has been great catching up with the long lost cousin!  Nobody can argue that he sure has a nice setup out here even if he did work his ass off the past 8 years to achieve all that he has, hats off to you JP!

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I killed, gutted, cleaned and cooked up one of the trout I caught on the boat today using my camping stove, it was a fresh tasty fishy, definitely the freshest I’ve ever eaten.  I’d be eating these guys once a week if I was  living by a lake!

We stayed on the lake until sunset before heading inside for dinner which consisted of steak, creamy mash, baby carrots, fried onions and mushrooms all washed down with a glass of red!  Nice end to a great day.  Dinner done it was time for bed for all, JP had to be up at 4am, Colleen 7am, and I wanted to get on the road early also.  We had our hugs and goodbyes that night as the guys were going to be gone before I rose, I tried to pack my stuff to make it easer the next morning but I was bet and the soft double bed was way to appealing to resist so I collapsed inside it and slept like a baby!

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