Day Eleven – Aberdeen to Astoria

Posted: May 23, 2015 in Cycling, Travel
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Day 11


Day 11 Date 19th May 2015
Total Distance 
Weather Sunny, constant headwind
Rolling Time
Total Rolling 
Terrain Flat
Total Climbing
Breakfast, coffee, wifi, water refuel $10
Groceries $45.51
Tea & WiFi Mc Donalds $1.10
Average Speed 18.3k/h Sleeping Camping
Max Speed 56.6k/h Difficulty  Easy

I’m back heading south again after yesterdays mainly westerly route to get from Olympia to the coast, it certainly helps my mental state when I know I’m heading in the direction of my final destination which I should be doing from now on.  I was on the road at the decent hour of 8.30am this morning heading towards Raymond a town 17km away where I needed to stock up on food and water as I am out of everything!

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I first hit up a cafe in the town that looked fairly inviting, it was pretty busy inside when I entered but I was told I could sit wherever I liked, I ordered coffee and the guy leaves a full 2 litre coffee thermos flask on my table that took me 2 hours to drain. I also ordered the breakfast sandwich which consisted of a muffin filled with egg, cheese and sausage patty with a side of fried shredded potato.  I didn’t really need the food as I ate earlier, I was really only there for the coffee and WiFi but figured the food wouldn’t do any harm.  This was a friendly joint, there were tables with large groups of people mostly elderly, it seemed that this was the common meeting point every morning for all the locals to meet up, shoot the shit, and eat breakfast, everyone was talking at everyone and it was all good humoured banter.  I stayed longer than planned but once I find WiFi and a power outlet you can’t seem to shake me off!  Two hours later I paid my bill and made my way to the nearby Everybody’s, a grocery store chain where I filled basket with food for the next few days, it was a struggle to pack it on the bike afterwards.  My shopping habits have slightly changed on this trip, instead of trying to buy healthy food i’m choosing the most calorific food I can find, for example today I bought a few cans of tinned soup, I didn’t choose the soup based on the flavour but based on the calorie count label, the higher the better to try and keep the weight on as I cycle to Mexico.

The extra weight on the bike is definitely noticeable, I must have bought between 5 and 10 kgs worth of food, the bike feels like it did on day one with the weight except my legs are a little more adjusted to the load now so its not as tough hauling it around.  After the grocery shopping I stopped in Mc Donalds to get a tea and use their WiFi to finish off what I was working on, twenty minutes later I was back on the road but it was close to 3pm so I needed to get peddling if I wanted to get out a reasonable few km by this evening.  Something mildly disconcerting that I’ve noticed on the roadsides over here every few km is the amount of discarded syringes on the shoulder, I’m guessing people, hopefully passengers are shooting up while on the road, never noticed this at home so not really sure what the story is, but they’re nearly as plentiful as empty cans tossed out on the shoulder.

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I cycled until 7pm, the route was mostly flat, met a guy along the way, Liam from the UK who caught up with me on the road, he is the first cyclist i’ve been chatting with that is carrying his house with him, he is also cycling from Vancouver to Mexico but he’s trying to do it in 3 weeks and plans to cycle 100 miles per day which is tough going, he is travelling a good bit lighter than me though.  We rode together for about 10km which was a great way to get through the km’s without counting each one off!  I also hooked up my iPod and speaker today so I was pumping out the tunes as I rode for the day, it made a huge difference to the cycle, it was way more enjoyable with the tunes.

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I decided to ride until 7pm to cover a bit more ground making up for the slow start earlier.  I eventually covered roughly 80km before stopping which I was pretty happy with as I would have settled for 50 earlier.  I setup camp in field by the side of the road between forest, there doesn’t seem to be anyone living here and there was no ‘No Trespassing’ signs on the gate that these here Americans are very fond of, which was as good as an open invitation!

  1. Clare says:

    Glad you are making good progress – must admit
    It does sound fun – except the cycling /sleeping
    In tents part !


  2. Ross says:

    Hey Tony – looks like the adventuring is going really well, it seems like a quiet day is something of a rarity!
    Especially interesting are the characters you are meeting along the way – nice to hear that they are all interested in your trip and progress!
    Keep up the good updates, it is making for a great read on this side of the pond!


    • tonyfelloni says:

      Cheers Ross! Trying to break the back of it so I have more time to chill over the next month, I was worried for a while that I wouldn’t make it to Mexico with progress at the start but I’ve had a good few 100km days now in a row so I can ease off a we bit when I get to Calafornia…soak up everything on offer 😛


  3. rose fitzgerald says:

    hi tony
    great to see you meeting up with jp and colleen, i know he would have been really happy
    to see someone from home, looks like ur having an amazing adventure, keep safe and beware the mexicans!


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