Day Four – Victoria Rest Day

Posted: May 17, 2015 in Cycling, Travel
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Day 4 Date 12th May 2015
Distance 0.0km Weather Blue Skys, Dry, 16°C, No Wind
Moving Time 00:00:00 Terrain NA
Elevation 0m Spend
Hostel Victoria $33.33
Breakfast $20 (Johns Place)
Ice Cream $5.50
Fish for Seals $5.25
Hostel Bar Drinks $4.50 + $6.50 + $6.00 + $12.50
Hostel Bar Food – $8.50
Green Tea – $20
Average Speed 0.0k/h Sleeping Hostel
Max Speed 0.0k/h

This morning  I decided to take a rest day in Victoria so I got up at 8am and went down to the hostel reception to check in for another night.  My current room was booked out but they had a free bed in another dorm so I had to check out at 11am and check back in at 3pm.  I went to John’s Place next door for breakfast, this place is somewhere i’ll think about again at some point along the road when i’m starving!  After you sit down they bring you warm homemade crusty bread in a basket with a pot of real butter to chomp away on while you decide what you really want to eat.  I ordered a huge meat Omelet with Fries and English Muffin and a double shot Americano….taaashty!

John's Place

For the rest of the day I hung out with Niki a Scottish girl who is staying a while and working some hours at the hostel for free accommodation.  We strolled about the city and ended up at Fisherman’s Wharf, a colourful busy area along the harbour with buskers, fresh fish restaurants and seals.  You can buy a half dozen fish at the fish restaurant on the pier for feeding the seals so this I did to try get a few videos and photos of them.  There was 2 seals and sea otter just waiting in the water to be fed.  After we sat about the wharf for a while people watching, listening to a busker and eating ice-cream.

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Later on we went to the government buildings to have look around I found out that Victoria is the capital of British Colombia and not Vancouver as I has assumed.  The public are allowed into the building where they hold their parliament and trapse about the place, it was odd as a tourist walking by rooms where groups of politicians could be seen holding meetings.  We got into the viewing gallery of the parliament and spent 10 minutes or so looking at the proceedings.  It was pretty dull and we didn’t know any of the politicians, I’m sure this will probably change a little bit after living over here for 2 years.

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Niki took me to this funny little laneway between two buildings in chinatown called Fantan alley that she found the previously, its like a little hipster warren of trendy shops and bakeries.

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My first impressions of Victoria was that it’s a little grottier than Vancouver and it does have a pretty big homeless population in the hostel area but after walking about it today I got to see it’s better side and it was worth staying a while longer to leave with a good impression of the city.  No doubt I’ll be back here again at some point, without the bike!

Later on I had a few beers in the hostel bar and met all the same group that was there last night, there are some seriously interesting characters staying at this hostel, it was a lot of fun chatting with them.  This is my last night in civilisation for a few days so i’ve loaded up on my human interaction and I’m ready for another few days of wilderness, good thing for the sake of my budget!


  1. Niki Bryden says:

    Tony!!! I hope your trip is going well and you have lots more funny stories to share. It was lovely to meet you in Victoria. I think I’m leaving on Saturday to continue on my own adventure, no idea where I’m going yet but I’m sure I’ll work it out! x x x p.s. I made it in your blog, I’m basically famous! Hope you’re having all the fun 🙂


    • tonyfelloni says:

      Hey Niki, thanks for the comment! I love your email address….I’ve updated the blog to reflect your new name 😉 I’ll look you up to see where you are when I get back to Vancouver and i’m a little more settled! Enjoy the rest of your adventure and hopefully our paths again cross!


  2. dflynn1024 says:

    That was some expensive green tea bro!


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