Day Three – Shawnigan Lake, BC, CA to Victoria, BC, CA

Posted: May 13, 2015 in Cycling, Running, Travel
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Day 3

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Day 3 Date 11th May 2015
Total Distance
Weather Overcast, Dry, 15°C, No Wind
Rolling Time
Total Rolling
Terrain Mostly Downhill
Total Climbed
Hostel Victoria 28.65 CAD
Subway 5.00 CAD
Beer 39 CAD (3 Fat Thug @ $11/bottle & 1 $6 pint)
Smokes 12 CAD (20 Belmont)
Average Speed 23.2k/h Sleeping Ocean Island Backpackers
Max Speed 62.6k/h


“What way do you like your eggs?” was this mornings greeting from Devon on the lawn with me in my tent at 8am, “well done” I said!  I packed up my gear and threw my bike in the back of the pick up again, then had breakfast followed by a chit chat with Kit & Devon’s sound lodger, Kathy, while Devon rounded up 3 goats that somebody had stopped by to buy.  Once the goats were gone I got a ride with Devon back to the same location I was picked up the evening before to continue on my way as if nothing had happened!


Todays ride was like the Miller Commercial where the guy rides downhill from his home to the Liquor Store, then rides downhill again from the liquor store back to his house.  I pretty much freewheeled the whole 33km into Victoria, it was great!  Along the way I found another river stop where I brewed up a coffee and faffed about for a bit.

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When I got to Victoria I checked into the Ocean Island Backpackers on Pandora Avenue that I booked the night before using Kit & Devon’s WiFi.  The hostel has a storage room downstairs where I can lock up my bike during my stay here.  Once checked in and luggage stowed I went for a 5km run through Beacon Hill Park and along Dallas Road, both places of interest as advised by Kathy on Humming Bee Farm.  I ran along the coast where there were 3 guys in the air paragliding over the sea edge, I got to do this before I leave Canada!

5km Run, Victoria

5km Run, Victoria

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I had a couple of beers in the hostel bar where there was a live Jam session going on, I got chatting with a guy named Nick from Montreal over here travelling for a while and another guy Jack from Northern Ireland, Jack by all accounts is a head case, he was telling me that he got barred out of all the hostels in Downtown Vancouver because he broke the glass on a fire alarm switch panel in one hostel.  They wanted him to pay over 100 bucks to replace it which he refused so they kicked him out and blacklisted him from all the Downtown Hostels.  When he tried to check into another hostel in Vancouver he was refused after they typed his name into their reservation system! Haha, bloody co-ordinated hostel system they have in Canada.

I met some staff from the hostel outside while having a smoke and joined them for a beer in another bar before heading back to the hostel to get some kip.


6 bed dorm, not sure if this is better than my tent!



  1. gr33n3r2 says:

    Yeah but Tony, are you sure you’re having fun? Don’t you miss the rain and the poverty of home??


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